Adéline M.
Your Wellness Partner
in Grenoble


I invite you in Grenoble for unique well-being practices tailored to your needs.

Here, I will take the time to listen to you and welcome
what is present within yourself.

A moment of pause, connection
and kindness.


Take the necessary
and precious time for yourself.

My Commitments
as a Wellness Practitioner






My goal transcends mere well-being;
I aim to guide you on the journey of enhanced wellness.
Beyond physical relief, I strive to connect heart, body, and spirit.
In individual sessions, I blend various practices, 
based on your needs and desires – this is your moment.

My Journey as a Wellness Practitioner

I began as an aesthetician in France, discovering the link between body, care, and well-being. Family interest in naturopathy and natural healing methods had initially sparked my curiosity. I traveled for over two decades in countries such as China, India and the United-States. This exposed me to diverse perspectives on human existence.

Various well-being practices entered my life.

While in China, I learned Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which I continued to explore worldwide. I pursued Swedish massage, acupressure, energy work, and Mindfulness.

My aspiration is to honor each individual’s body, mind, and heart, fostering an environment of kindness, respect, and trust.

My Certificates:

> Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
Certificate from the Greater Good Science Center  California
Program led by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

> Massage therapist
Certificate from the Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapy
Brentwood Tennessee

> Qigong practitioner
Certificate from the Shanghai Research University for medical Qi Gong

> Other regular trainings for more than 20 years