My Offerings

I believe the human body is interconnected as a whole.
I view people holistically, where body and mind merge,
intertwined with their environment.

Wellness, to me, hinges on this equilibrium.

Thus, I invite you to explore the benefits of a soothing massage, Mindfulness practice, and Qi Gong.

These invaluable practices aid your journey to better well-being, leading to greater harmony, fulfillment, and vitality.



Mindfulness Meditation


In our fast-paced modern world with 24/7 electronic connectivity, staying connected with ourselves becomes a challenge.

Mindfulness meditation helps us discover resources to tackle stress, focus, relaxation, and the importance of cherishing life.

Mindfulness elevates general well-being and confidence in life. While the commitment and involvement demands might be new, I guide you on this learning path.

My aim is for you to establish, deepen, and independently practice Mindfulness.

While supportive, it is not psychotherapy.

Wellness Massage

Need rejuvenation, rest, or energy?

I offer a blend of Swedish massage, acupressure, and Reiki for a unique, personalized wellness massage.

Each gesture brings different benefits, from better blood circulation to heightened body awareness and relaxation.

I tailor the approach to your needs, as responses vary.

During each session, whether it’s your first or not, I ensure your comfort in a gentle, trusting environment.

Wellness massage is personalized, not therapeutic or sensual.

Adéline Maurin Grenoble Massage, Qi Gong, Mindfullness

Qi Gong


Qi Gong, a meditation in movement from China, combines slow movements, breathing exercises, and energy work. It soothes the mind, emotions, and enhances physical health. Qi Gong promotes grounding, focus, flexibility, and relaxation.

Sessions encompass gentle movements, stretches, and self-massage. Mindfulness can complement this practice.

Practical Information
for Self Compassion Practices

Massage Rates in Grenoble

– 60 minutes : 60 euros
– 90 minutes : 90 euros
– 120 minutes : 120 euros

Gift cards and subscriptions available.

> Sessions can be conducted in French or English.
> Massages available for children accompanied by an adult.
> All materials are washed and disinfected after each use.
> High-quality organic oils and creams are used.
> Initial individual sessions include discussion to understand your needs.
> My well-being practices do not replace medical consultation.