Find Respite
and Self-nurturing
in Grenoble

Take a beneficial pause from your daily routine to rediscover presence, relaxation, and balance. I offer you a dedicated moment.

Embark on the path of Heart,
Body, and Spirit union.

Three Treasures:
Precious Support on the Path of Self-Nurturing

Discover the benefits of three relaxation practices deeply rooted in Asian traditions


Qi Gong

Wellness Massage

Pause, realign with the essential, unwind, and care for yourself.

Who Can Benefit and What Can They Acquire ?

The pursuit of harmony and relaxation is open to everyone.

Moment de bien-être à Grenoble

These three practices – Mindfulness,
Qi Gong, and Massage, are especially beneficial if you’re seeking:

Relaxation and serenity
Enhanced well-being
Increased self-presence
and connection with others
Improved flexibility
Energy and vitality
Alleviation of discomfort

In my practice, I tailor my approach to your needs and situation, combining these methods if necessary.

Personalized Guidance
by a Wellness Professional

My experience is devoted to your wellness…

Having trained as an aesthetician in France, I quickly realized my passion lay in holistic human well-being.

I pondered the synergy of body, heart, and spirit. Years of expatriation in China, India, and the USA enriched me with tools to find balance and well-being.

After returning to Grenoble, I can now guide you on the path to enhanced well-being.

Moment de bien-être à Grenoble

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If you wish to book a well-being session in Grenoble or simply learn more about my practice, I invite you to reach out directly.